Friday, July 19, 2013

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I'm in scene 3, and here is a little description of what you'll see. Enjoy! 
Burly Heath Jordan has got Shawn Wolfe caught in a bear hug, and Shawn is offering no resistance. In fact, he tears the shirt off Heath's furry, burly torso, then reaches around to grab a muscled bun in each hand. Heath untangles his tongue from Shawn's and lets it drift south, across Shawn's neck, hairy nipples, pleasure trail and down to his cock, which is hard with anticipation. The long, deep suction of Heath's mouth leaves Shawn's thick dick slick and glistening. Heath pauses momentarily, the tip of his tongue poised at the tip of Shawn's cock, and looks up for approval. He gets it in the form of a pat on the head and Shawn's tongue up his ass. The straps of Heath's black jockstrap frame the pale globes of his buttocks with his hole as the focal point. Later, the waistband serves as a grip and a controlling rein when Shawn fucks him doggy style. A switch to missionary position showcases Heath's hard cock and his bearish hotness. With their bodies straining, muscles taut and bulging, sweat popping out on their skin, they cum abundantly - Heath on his tummy and Shawn on Heath's beard and chest. Heath licks a few droplets of spooge off Shawn's cock and they kiss. See the full scene now at RagingStallion!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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This was by far one of the most exciting rushes of my life. If you have not done skydiving I highly recommend it. If your going to be in Queenstown you must do it. Just look at the scenery that I fell out of the plane in. When that door opened up it all happened so fast and the rush was incredible. If I could have gone back up right away for a second jump I would have.
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I recently went to Cape Town, South Africa and had a great time. It was a beautiful place and I was able to see apart of the world that was completely different than I experience every day. These are some of the pictures from my Trip. I went on a Safari, to see the Seals, Penguins, Cape of Good Hope, great places to eat, wine country, the beach and many places in Cape Town. I will say that the tour guides do talk a lot. I am looking forward to going to some new places this year. I hope to make every continent within the next couple years.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

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Went to Vancouver Gay Pride and had a great time doing a Live Show for Steamworks Vancouver. It was the fist time doing a live show with two guys that I have never met before. Generally I have met them before and we have at least done a scene together but this was their first time that I have done this without the warm up before. I say this because the guy’s cock was enormous. It was a great time though. Vancouver was absolutely beautiful. I really cannot wait to go back there sometime. This time I will go with more of a plan of things to do because I was kind of just going with the flow and never made any set plans. The winter there would be great. I think going to ski week next year might be in the plans.

Friday, October 12, 2012
I'm in scene 3, and here is a little description of what you'll see. Enjoy!
Two bearded studs stand lip locked, giants of fur and muscle. Both are rock hard and way into each other. Heath goes down on Spencer,eager to gag on it. Spencer moans and writhes in pleasure. Soon they are both '69', Heath throat deep with Spencer's engorged hog and taking a seat on his face. Spencer is all too happy licking that fuzzy pink hole. Spencer flips Heath on his back and stuffs him right!Looking deep into each other's eyes, Heath gets a good pounding from his top daddy. Spencer is ready to plunge deep doggy style.Heath gets on his knees and takes it like a man before taking a white hot face load of sperm! Both men unload milky white cum shots and collapse in an embrace of their own man sweat and jizz. 
See full scene now at RagingStallion!


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